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Late on a spring night in 1920 five boys cross the Yorkshire dales to the ruins of Fountains Abbey intent on raising the devil. Instead they stumble over the devil himself sitting there watching them. Terrified they run for their lives leaving behind a book on alchemy stolen from their schoolmaster. The next morning a body is discovered in the cloisters of the abbeya man swathed in a hooded cloak and wearing a gas mask. Scotland Yard dispatches Inspector Rutledge to find out who the man was and why he died in such mysterious circumstances. But the villagers clearly have something to hide. And what does the huge chalk sculpture of a pale horse of the Apocalypse have to do with the crime'Starred Review. The exemplary 10th Inspector Ian Rutledge historical whodunit (after A False Mirror) offers tight plotting and rich characterization amid understated but convincing evocations of post-WWI England. Haunted by memories of battle unable to find a safe haven after his discharge from a psychiatric hospital and the abrupt departure of his fiancee shell-shocked veteran Rutledge has returned to his prewar life as a Scotland Yard inspector. This time out the War Office wants him to locate a mysterious person of interest connected with (and perhaps the same as) an unidentified corpse found at a Yorkshire abbey. Rutledge toils diligently to uncover personal secrets and shames that may have motivated someone to kill and their connection to a long-ago romance between the suspected killer's wife and the local inspector investigating the case.About the AuthorNew York Times bestselling author Charles Todd is the author of twelve Ian Rutledge mysteries two Bess Crawford mysteries and one stand-alone novel. A mother and son writing team they live in Delaware and North CarolinaFeaturesPublisher - Audio Go; Unabridged edition (Aug

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I bought this last week, and i am suprised! This Bsa BSA Living Life As A Thank You - Audiobook CD is just wonderful! For 22.58, It has surprisingly nice quality.